I'm a (mostly) internationally-based analyst, researcher, and consultant working on infectious diseases in fragile states and post-conflict settings, primarily in the Middle East and Francophone West Africa. I've worked on military global health engagement in Djibouti; epidemiology, surveillance, and intervention guidance with the Guinea Worm Eradication Program in Chad; immunization strengthening throughout Palestinian refugee camps with the UNRWA clinic system; HIV/AIDS hotspots in the Southern United States and community strategy development with the White House; voter outreach in Texas; and the design and integration of new technologies into neonatal hospital wards in Malawi.

Research & Practice Interests

  • Practical constraints of, and developing organizational incentives for, accurate disease surveillance in weak health systems and emergency settings.

  • Identifying, capturing evidence of, and responding to manipulation of fragile health systems by authoritarian states and non-state actors.

  • The role of final-inch access and field health staff capacity in emerging infectious disease and global biosecurity initiatives.

  • Predictive epidemiological modeling, with built-in factors accurately capturing social and political constraints.

  • Unique infectious disease transmission patterns as an indicator of certain types of conflict, and the potential of these epidemiological patterns to serve as evidence in the prosecution of war crimes.

  • The role of international health and development assistance in U.S. strategy; minimization of contradiction and cross-purpose interagency action in 3D national security frameworks; and collaborative guidance of U.S. military assistance in this realm.

  • Accurate representation of community perspectives and functional gaps in international health programs; development of data management and analysis systems, as well as proxy measures when necessary, to capture these elements and better guide implementing organizations and policymakers.

  • Consistent integration of relationship-building and mentorship into technical work.

Obligatory Odds & Ends

I have a M.Sc. in Global Health from Duke University, where I worked closely with Triangle-area communities on intelligence & security studies, and a B.S. in Bioengineering from Rice University, where I fated myself to forever be the first person asked to fix solar panels in the odd corners of the earth. I am experienced in the development and implementation of quantitative and qualitative operational research projects, with a strong preference for mixed-methods analysis and short, functional feedback loops. I'm technically fluent in Stata, Python, GIS, and Tableau, professionally fluent in French, and can independently manage field health surveys in both Levantine and Chadian Arabic. I go weak enough in the knees to crawl away from all this nerd stuff for the U.S. National Park system, convoluted multigenerational novels, and elaborate pastry baking.